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The benefits of a tummy tuck
Friday 6 April 2018

Many people have a little extra fat around their midriff, which wont shift despite exercise and diet. When you have done all you can with the gym and food intake, you may feel you need a bit of extra help with that excess stubborn fat.  Mr Geoff Wilson, consultant cosmetic surgeon, also highlights below other reasons for excess fat around the middle.

Many people choose a tummy tuck to regain body shape and contour, and to lose that excess skin that often is loose and hangs over clothes. Significant weight gain, and then weight loss, through diet, bariatric surgery and sometimes illness, can cause loose skin that just wont go away on its own!

Pregnancy can be another reason for stayput, not going anywhere, annoyingly stubborn jelly belly also the pregnancy itself can cause muscle damage and repairs to the muscle are often needed when a tummy tuck is performed. Again, if you feel something needs to be done, there are options to consider which can improve the situation. So, lets look at what is achievable.

A tummy tuck can create a flat stomach by removing excess fat. We almost always use liposuction during the procedure which helps with reshape and contouring. Most results will give both men and women a slimmer tighter version of you underneath the fat. After you have recovered, you can then start or resume, if you wish, exercise to start to tone and tighten the abdominal muscles to give the skin above them definition and form. All of this is of course optional but recommended! Look at having a Tummy Tuck to a bit of a kickstart to a new you.

Considering this type of surgery needs discussion with your surgeon, and thought, as it is a major procedure. It will however, give you more confidence, if that is what you need, a better shape, and a new you!

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