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General Surgery

Dark skinned female consultant smiling with male patient in background

General surgery is the surgical treatment of wide range of common health conditions with an emphasis on acute abdominal problems.

Here at Ashtead Hospital we provide expert general surgery locally from diagnosis to treatment. We offer regular outpatient clinics with our consultant general surgeons. Investigative tests can be undertaken onsite by our diagnostic service such as an endoscopic exam, ultrasound, x-ray, MRI or CT scan.

Our experienced general surgeons are highly skilled and typically operate on common abdominal complaints including: hernias, gallbladder surgeries, appendicitis, anal fissure and fistula, lumps and bumps, haemorrhoids, pilonidal sinus and lipoma removal. Many procedures are performed using minimally invasive surgery and open surgery is offered where appropriate. Our general surgeons also have access to other specialists within the hospital to work with and refer to as required.

You can rest-assured that you’ll be the best of hands from your first appointment through to post-surgery aftercare.

Consultant General Surgeons at Ashtead Hospital include:

Mr Al-Musawi

Mr Darakhshan

Mr Gupta

Mr Irukulla

Mr Khan

Mr Monkhouse

Mr Nehra 

Mr Sagar

Mr Toomey

Mr West

Mr Zaidi