Knee Surgery at Ashtead Hospital in Surrey

Knee Surgery

Knee Surgery

Here at Ashtead Hospital we provide a comprehensive service for the diagnosis, treatment and management of knee conditions. Knee injuries and conditions are common and can cause severe pain. We understand that rapid diagnosis and treatment of your knee condition is imperative.

Our experienced consultant knee surgeons will provide you with the very best knee care from your initial appointment, through your investigative tests and diagnosis, to treatment and aftercare.

We offer full diagnostic facilities, multi-disciplinary care teams and first class rehabilitation services to ensure you receive excellent and prompt care for your knee condition. Knee surgeries we perform include knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction and knee replacement surgery. Your consultant will discuss with you your diagnosis and individual treatment plan.

The range of knee surgeries we offer

Knee arthroscopy

Knee arthroscopy is a minimally invasive technique that allows your orthopaedic knee surgeon to look inside your knee joint and find out more about your knee pain and, if necessary, remove or repair any problem areas.

Small incisions will be made in your skin around the knee to allow the insertion of a thin metal tube with a camera and light source, called an arthroscope, into your knee joint. Images are sent from the arthroscope to a monitor or an eyepiece so that your knee specialist can see inside your knee joint. If treatment is required medical instruments will be inserted to wash out any loose material caused by wear of the joint surfaces that may get caught in your joint or to trim or repair torn cartilage and ligaments.

Meniscal tear

A meniscal tear is a very common knee injury. It’s a tear in one of your meniscus, a shock absorber between the thighbone and shinbone in your knee joint.

A meniscal tear can happen when you suddenly twist your knee. Meniscus tears are often associated with sports individuals who play contact sports. People with degenerative conditions such as osteoarthritis are also at risk.

Your knee surgeon will discuss with you the best course of action as this will depend upon the type, size and location of your meniscal tear. Minor tears frequently settle and heal on their own without treatment or using non-surgical techniques such as rest, ice and medication. Other tears may require surgical repair.  

Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) reconstruction

The ACL is a tough band of tissue that joins the thigh and shin bones together at your knee joint and provides stability especially when you turn, or when your knee joint moves from side to side.

ACL injuries are the most common type of knee injury. You can tear your ACL when you slow down very quickly whilst turning or sidestepping or when you have a collision. This is more likely to occur in sporting activities such as football, rugby, basketball, netball and skiing.

ACL reconstruction, also known as knee ligament reconstruction, is an operation that will help improve the stability and function of your knee joint. Your torn ACL will be replaced with a graft from another part of your knee or from a donor. The decision to have knee surgery will depend on the extent of damage to your ACL and whether it's affecting your quality of life. Your knee surgeon will discuss this in detail with you.

Knee replacement surgery

Knee replacement surgery or knee arthroplasty involves removing a damaged, worn or diseased knee joint and replacing it with an artificial one. It’s normally recommended if your joint is painful even when resting and your mobility is reduced. Osteoporosis is the usual reason for knee replacement surgery.

You may be offered a total or partial knee replacement and this is dependent on your knee’s condition. A total knee replacement (TKR) will replace both sides of your knee joint and a partial knee replacement (PKR) will only replace one side of your knee joint. Once you’ve had surgery the pain in your knee should be vastly reduced and you should be able to move about more freely.

The following Consultants specialise in knee surgery at Ashtead Hospital:

Mr Bircher

Mr Chougule

Mr Cobb

Mr Dinah

Mr Gillespie

Mr Mitchell

Mr Stafford

Mr Twyman

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