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Post Natal Health Checks

  • Mon 19 Feb 2018

Specialists all across the UK are on a mission to break the taboo and get women talking about their pelvic health issues.

Combat the feeling of stress

  • Fri 09 Feb 2018

Useful tips to help combat the stress of everyday life

Posture tips to save your spine in the workplace

  • Thu 01 Feb 2018

Most people experience back or neck pain at some point during their lives. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and missed work days.

Ashtead Hospital to sponsor local cricket club for a second year

  • Wed 31 Jan 2018

Ashtead Hospital is proud to announce their second year of sponsorship of Ashtead Cricket Club for the 2018 cricket season.

Going private - considering the benefits of private medical treatment

  • Wed 24 Jan 2018

Have you considered the benefits of being seen privately for your medical treatment?

Proud to be supporting local Youth Football

  • Fri 19 Jan 2018

Ashtead Hospital is delighted to announce their sponsoring of a local youth football team, Stoneleigh Athletic FC Youth U10s.

Mummy MOT

  • Thu 18 Jan 2018

The Mummy MOT is a specialist post-natal assessment recommended for all women following delivery – whether 6 weeks or many years later.

Keep walking to strengthen your bones

  • Wed 17 Jan 2018

Walking is an excellent exercise. Not only it improves your bone health, but it also increases your muscle strength.

Smart phones are a pain in the neck, elbow and thumb

  • Mon 15 Jan 2018

The usage of mobile devices continues to grow. Every year the smartphone becomes easier and more enticing to use.

Text Neck Syndrome

  • Wed 10 Jan 2018

The increase in the use of smart phone is causing more headaches, back pain, muscle damage and more.

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