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Running the road to happiness

  • Tue 17 Apr 2018

Exercise has been shown to help some people who suffer from depression or anxiety to relieve their symptoms.

The benefits of a tummy tuck

  • Fri 06 Apr 2018

Do you have extra fat around your midriff? A tummy tuck could be the answer.

Diagnosis and Treatment Hope for Parkinson's Disease

  • Wed 21 Mar 2018

Parkinson’s disease affects around one in 500 people. It is a condition that causes problems in the brain, and it gets worse over time.

Are you getting healthy sleep

  • Fri 16 Mar 2018

The activity you do during the day, especially before bedtime, can have a real impact on your sleep and determine if you have healthy sleep.

Imaging at Ashtead

  • Fri 09 Mar 2018

We offer MRI and multi-slice/Spiral CT scanning in modern, comfortable, air-conditioned surroundings.

The Physiotherapy Department at Ashtead

  • Mon 05 Mar 2018

The physiotherapy team covers a wide range of specialities including vestibular problems, chronic pain, hand therapy, women’s health and respiratory.

The Medical Unit at Ashtead Hospital

  • Fri 02 Mar 2018

Consultant led unit with 11 en-suite rooms treating a with a wide variety of conditions and offering respite care packages.

Post Natal Health Checks

  • Mon 19 Feb 2018

Specialists all across the UK are on a mission to break the taboo and get women talking about their pelvic health issues.

Combat the feeling of stress

  • Fri 09 Feb 2018

Useful tips to help combat the stress of everyday life

Posture tips to save your spine in the workplace

  • Thu 01 Feb 2018

Most people experience back or neck pain at some point during their lives. It is the most common cause of job-related disability and missed work days.

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