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Are you getting enough sleep

  • Fri 17 Mar 2017

Most people don’t get enough sleep. We are a society that burns the candle at both ends. But there are associated health risks.

MP - MRI for Prostate Cancer Testing

  • Thu 16 Mar 2017

Ashtead Hospital specialise in MP-MRI for the prostate gland, helping to detect cancer and avoid unnecessary treatment.

Endometriosis - A Hidden Epidemic

  • Tue 07 Mar 2017

Mr Haider Jan, Consultant Gynaecologist at Ashtead Hospital has specific expertise in managing women with pelvic pain and endometriosis.

The rise, fall and rise of breast augmentation

  • Fri 20 Jan 2017

Mr James Colville, Consultant Plastic Surgeon discusses the history of breast augmentation.

The benefits of fat grafting with a facelift

  • Fri 06 Jan 2017

Mr Paul Tulley, Consultant Plastic Surgeon highlights the benefits of fat transfer in modern day cosmetic surgery.

Spetses Mini Marathon Triumph

  • Tue 18 Oct 2016

Georgie Mimicopoulou from Ashtead Hospital raises funds for the cardiac unit at St Georges as a thank you for their care and expertise.

Improve your eye health through your diet

  • Wed 21 Sep 2016

Did you know you can improve your eye health through a healthy diet full of antioxidants, vitamin c and zinc.

52,000 raised for Rianna's Fund

  • Tue 13 Sep 2016

On Thursday 8th September dedicated cyclists from the Ashtead community took to their bikes for 3 days of cycling from Ashtead to Cologne.

Look after your feet - you only have one pair

  • Fri 12 Aug 2016

Mr Dominic Nielsen, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashtead Hospital discusses the most common foot and ankle problems.

Trigger finger

  • Wed 10 Aug 2016

Mr Muralidhar Bhat, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at Ashtead Hospital discusses the causes, symptoms and treatment available for trigger finger

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